Newbie question

Hi everyone! I am working on my first game using blueprints, I am pretty excited, and I would like to ask a question. I created a UI and I want in a list to show all players. How would I do that using blueprints? I tried making a variable in the game mode but it seems like the client can’t access this blueprint. How should I do that? Where should I make an array for the player list that all clients can access?


the GameMode only exists on the Server.

Use the GameState. It has a so called “PlayerArray” in which you can find all “PlayerState” instances for every player.
The GameState, as well as the PlayerArray are replicated and also the PlayerState is replicated.
You can create your own GameState and PlayerState (and add them to the GameMode as default classes) to add additional
information to the PlayerState and display that.

Thank you for your answer. I will try that.