[Newbie question] Ground texture way to small

Hello Everyone,

I want to make a part of a real are in the UE, but now it’s way to small :frowning:
Can anyone help me with the problem? (see pictures)

Really far zoomed in, this is still not how I want it, I want it as one part not that’s “cloned”

This is just the road and now you can see how small the layout of the map is

if this didn’t made any sense please let me know :slight_smile:

Hey go into the maps texture, and then go down to texture (power of two mode) select pad to power of two. This will make the map texture more readable when placed on the landscape. You may need to edit the map image in Photoshop first then import into engine. Another thing would be to try adjusting the landscape size it might too big for the texture.

thank you very much! it worked! :smiley: