Newbie question: comic/Fantasy style possible with UE4 ?

Hey guys im pretty New here and watched some Tutorials about builing Maps creating areas,buildings and so on and its awesome to see what is possible with UE4. Unfortunatly nearly everything looks really really serious and detailed ( which is nice) but i can’t find any graphicstyle or Maps buildings which are more of an comic/fantasy style. Nearly everything looks futuristic or kinda old middleage Style like castles and so on. Also i can’t find much stuff to look at to get an example of what is possible at my style.

Do you guys have any Material where I can See such style like WoW, Guild Wars , Star Wars style on pictures or Tutorials so i can learn how I can do that by myself?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for evey help
If you have questions or dont unterstand something Feel free to ask

In the Samples and Tutorials, there is a Stylized Rendering sample.

ah thanks didnt see that and thats the way im looking into

There are also a couple of assets on the Marketplace to help you get a stylised look.