Newbie not sure how to start specific project....

Hi, I am trying to make a game where the player rides a motorcycle the entire game. I want the perspective to be in first person so I can see the players hands as the motorcycle is being ridden. I also want to shoot various guns while riding the bike. How do I choose what project template to use? First person shooter? Vehicle template?

I am choosing a c++ project, so my question is can I or is it better for me to start a blank project and then customize the character controller to suit my needs or should I just use a template? If so which one?

And if it’s better for me to choose a from scratch project, how would I go about incorporating both first person shooter controls and vehicle movement controls for the motorcycle for my main character?

thank you for any responses.

You can start with any project, and add the features of any starter template later on down the road. For instance, start with the vehicle template, and then add the first person content to the project. You will eventually have to cobble together a player controller that allows for both vehicular and first person movement, so reverse engineering both and seeing how they can work together would be your best bet.