Newbie help on installation never finishing

Hello, I need to as a question, but I am not sure about all the terminology and was confused as I going through previous posts. Basically, everytime I try to install a version of unreal, it freezes after hours of slowly installing. I have a great computer(4000$ alienware computer 2 months ago) and I do not know what to do and I am really sad and frustrated. Is there anyway to download the new 4.15 version files as they would be on the computer? I know there would still be some things that might have to be run by a .bat file, or something similar. Any help would be appreciated, and if I’m forced two I don’t mind paying someone to help me out. Thank you so much guys, and please don’t turn me away. Also if possible at all, I would like to avoid compiling a project myself with visual studio, as that is way over my head. Thanks!

Could you clarift what you mean by “Basically, everytime I try to install a version of unreal, it freezes after hours of slowly installing.”

Have you read either of these [1]](, [2]]( ?

Depending on what you are doing you may be better off downloading the binary build via the launcher.


Edit: I see that you mention that you would prefer not to have to compile projects yourself.
I reccomend you use the launcher to get the latest binary version.
BTW the section you posted in is for building the engine from the source code.

Hey Ryan, yes I know I posted in the section for building from the source code. I figured that those here would understand how other ways that the latest version of unreal is required. I’ve deleted the unreal engine and tried to get anything related to it off my harddrive. Still my unreal installation will just freeze. I left it on all last night. I am very frustrated because I prefer the unreal engine, and spent a great deal of money, as I consider it the best of the best at the moment. Now I can’t seem to use it. So I wanted to know if the barebones installatoin of the latest version would be somewhere online? Yes Ryan I want to avoid using c++ and coimpiling from github. I’ve tried reading how to do this and it is way over my head. If I have no options please let me know, I guess I’ll have to use other engines like unity, which I dislike at the moment.

What you could consider is download VS2017 and selecting Unreal Launcher under C++ for Games (I think its that)… If not, got under specific components and select Unreal Launcher. What this does is to ensure that all of the prereqs are installed. Then, once the launcher is loaded, download the binaries from the launcher.

I know you do not want to use C++, but if you ever want to use plugins you will need to compile them… super easy, it will tell you that you need to compile when entering in the editor.

If I am off base and you tried all these steps, apologies…


Still my unreal installation will just freeze. I left it on all last night./QUOTE]
I am not sure if you are talking about the GitHub setup process or the launcher version, Could you state what you are using to do the installation?

Using GitHub is pretty easy, You just need to link your Unreal account to your GitHub account and then either use a Git client or download the source as a zip archive.
Then you just need to go to the folder where the engine source code is and run the setup batch file, Then it is basically hitting F7 in Visual Studio(Assuming it is installed with the required C++ components).

If you are using the Launcher, There should be a log file somewhere (IIRC it is in the “AppData” folder of your user profile (“C:\Users_USER_NAME_\AppData”)
The log will probably shed some light on the issue, What I would do first tho is search the log for any instances of “error”.

If you are using the luancher and the issue does not get resolved, I suggest (cross) posting the issue to the Anwser hub “Installation & Setup Issues”](Installation & Setup - UE4 AnswerHub) section.

So, I should be able to better help once you confirm the method you are using to get the engine.


Thank you for the info, I’ll try my best and try to let you know what happens!

Thanks, both of you I will try to do my best here, I hope it is enough!