Newbe trying to 'start' and 'stop' video in VR

Think back to the first days you ever saw scripting and Blueprints. That’s where I am. I’m trying to learn by doing simple things so I can build on those techniques.

I have a very simple VR level using Oculus Rift S. I have a Plane Brush that’s serving as a screen. I have a ‘MediaPlayer’ Playlist that will run on it using the top Blueprint in my attached image. As soon as the level starts, the videos play perfectly.

I’m trying to get my right Oculus Controler ‘B’ button to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ the video instead of it starting as soon as the level starts to play. I’ve spent two days doing tutorials, reading and can’t find out how to wire this simple thing. I’ve had complex blueprints that don’t work and simple ones that don’t work. Obviously, I’m missing something simple as I’m just learning the logic here.

My bottom image shows my simplest try at a solution, and, that doesn’t work either. I’m sure it’s way too simple.

Any suggestions or help?