Newb With no Knowledge

Hi, Im putting a few simple animations in photoshop with the hope of one day getting the game actually made as I currrently know nothing at all about UE4. Its a 2d top down thing and I have the basic ‘coin’ type sprites working fine.
My Players spaceship will have different size exhaust plume animations slow, normal , quick.making teh 3 different animations different ‘lengths’ Would it be better for me to make all the player animations the same size, of doesnt it matter?
Please Educate.

are these particle animations?

ps… if these are just animations you might be able to make a ‘blendspace’ for them based on speed, then plug them into your animation BP (state machine)… it would be a bit of work and research but I think it’s do-able…

if it was a particle you would just extend the lifetime by a second or two…