Newb questions on two player mode and more...

Hey guys,

I’m making a demo of a little card game and am wondering if you can just point me in the right direction. I’m pretty new to blueprints and have no C++ knowledge, but am having great fun exploring Unreal.

  1. What documentation/tutorials could help me start in setting up a two player, turn based game?

  2. If I want cards to behave in some way that involves animation, like flipping over when deck is clicked or such, should I use matinee animations or are there any other ways available I should familiarize myself with?

  3. I have a table object and some card meshes, but when I, for example, spawn card actors that are set to “simulate physics” and should then drop down on the table mesh, they tend to bounce once or twice and then disappear. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong there?

Thanks in advance.