newb: grids and clipping?

Hello! Just started learning unreal editor and from the looks of it, the tools seem much more superior than of unitys(and ofcoure c++ is a plus!). My previous experience is from wayback with Valve Hammer Editor (worldcraft!), and even then the way hammer made grid discipline and object transforming much more simpler than say unrealeds back then.

I was just wondering how is grid discipline/clipping in todays editors? Because right at the start I’m doing the level desing starter tutorial and noticing that it’s a bit tedious to transform object to the grid and with each other. Of course I can slap them the way I want on the 3d view and all would seem dandy, but the fact that they are off grid and clipping each other annoys me. The major annoyance for me is that every transform references to the origo of the object.

So is there a quick way to transform from only one side of the object? IE. I put up a wall, move its first corner in place and then stretch out the other corner to the width I want. Also is there a quick-key to disable gird snapping alltogether because I couldn’t find any to transform without snapping on ortographic view.

But anyways great resources and tutorials at hand to get started!

(As a bit of rant); Building simple hollow room was way more faster in hammer than now the way I have to fight with transform and placement on unrealed. Ofcourse hammer has it’s limitations on more organic desing compared to these other editors but just for example.