New Youtube channel or not?

Hello everyone, I hope this is not off-topic.

I have a question that seems to be simple but I dont want to go wrong. I have a youtube channel dedicated to other type of artistic business (music). I’m producing other contents using UnrealEngine and I’m collaborating with other artists in creating UE materials and games with my company brand.

Do you think I should open a new dedicated Youtube channel for that purpose? Because I’m not sure that it can be trustful using a channel with different content instead that targeted content.

Usually as an artist I would not create a new channel, but if you run a company/brand then I would certainly create an extra venue, so that visitors are not distracted by content not part of the branded content. This also helps to keep artistic freedom on the pure artist channel.

That is my doubt.Running a company means to be another entity compare to my first channel but spreading content on two channels requires more effort, especially in running a new channel from start.
My intention would be to keep all contents together, but I’m not sure if it is good for brand