New Workstation for UE4

I am getting a new computer for UE4 but because I don’t know much about what would be best for running UE4, could someone tell me if the computer at the link would work well.

It would work well, but the SSD is a bit too small for Windows+apps+UE4. You could probably save at least $200 if you build a similar PC yourself, if that’s an option

I agree with ZacD. You will want to add another SSD, other than that if you expect to work on very large maps you may want to double the Ram to 32 gig, otherwise 16 is good.

True, if you build it yourself off of newegg or tigerdirect you could save a few hundred, but the nice thing about BestBuy is if anything doesn’t work you can return it. Also, there are advantages to just plugging it in out of the box instead spending the time to put it all together which isn’t for everyone.

what kind of SSD would you recommend I upgrade to?

You could either replace it with a 240gig, or add another 128. It’s just the size, Unreal uses a lot of disk space and it adds up quick when you have multiple versions of the engine and lots of projects. It makes a difference to have them all on a SSD and not on the file storage. Plus, if you have a bunch of games also you’ll want those on the SSD.

Something like a CRUCIAL CT240BX200SSD1 or Sandisk SDSSDA 240G-G25, both are 240GB if you have room in the budget, a 500 GB version would be even better. I have a 240 GB and with my OS Software and UE4 I’m right at 220 GB, so there’s not much extra room, especially if you want to install large slow loading games on it as well.

I’ve never used an SSD before. Do you just download the software onto the SSD and keep your projects on file storage?

It’s just a hard drive, except it doesn’t have a spinning platter, like a flash drive there are no moving parts. It has faster read and write times.

You should put all the applications that can benefit from faster processing on it, and the files that can benefit from faster read and write, which is why you would want to put your Unreal projects on the SSD. Your Operating system should be on the SSD, all your art programs like photoshop and 3DStudio Max should go on the SSD.

Last question. Will I have to migrate my Operating System to the SSD or will it be automatically installed onto it because the SSD is already built into the computer?

The OS should be installed on the SSD by default.

SSD reduces loading times, and increases file transfer rates as well. All in all, it is almost a must have these days. If you are buying a desktop from best Buy it might be worth asking them to install the SSD for you. Depending on the price of course. Unless you wanted to do it yourself, it could be a learning experience. Let us know if you have any more questions.