New user- material and UV questions

So, I came to UE4 from the source engine, and I have to say it’s a lot different, and I hope a lot easier to use when I’ve learned a bit

I was poking around the nodes and textures, and found some strange things. only bsp’s would tile independently of specified uv’s, and making
a material instance for every shape in the level seems tedious and unnecessary, is there something I’m missing?
as well, the tiling seems to stretch on any object that is not a perfect cube (texture set to large for explanation);

am I doing something blatantly wrong, or do ALL objects have to be UV mapped, even the basic parts of the map, like floors,
doorways, and platforms? That seems a bit prohibitively expensive, time-wise.

Would there be an easy, fast way to do it, or am I gonna spend a lot of time in photoshop?

You will have to uv map every mesh, but you can scale your textures with a texture coordinate node in the material editor :slight_smile:

yeah, I’m actually using a function for that. it’s really handy, but I guess there’s no such thing as an object with just an applied texture? In source it was great to just be able to make a marble pillar, a ceiling, or a wall. from my experience, those don’t seem to display any huge variation in texture, save maybe a decal here or there. I guess those open source asset sites I found are gonna get a bunch of traffic from me XD.

my function: