New UI Graphics Design Please!

Hi Unreal. I was going to attempt learning unreal after going to Unity—I don’t know code and it’s one of the things I’ve always had trouble learning, so I was really excited when I heard that Unreal has node-based programming, but on downloading the program the UI interface gave me serious anxiety. Why is the UI design circa early 2000’s? There’s so much extraneous design, overwrought icons, and borders for borders, bevels, etc., it makes my head explode. This is especially egregious since most software and UI design for the last few years has really gone to extreme minimalism in design in order to facilitate increased ease of use in a world with more and more software with more power and versatility that can overwhelm users. I’ve attached a mockup UI minimal design I made for Blender—If Unreal had a UI interface that was this sleek and intuitive I would be using it right now, but I just can’t bring my brain to deal with the interface.