New UE4 PC configuration help

Hello everyone,

I’m getting new PC configuration and I want to build it specifically to use in development stuff. From coding trough modelling and rendering to Unreal Engine 4.

So the current build I’m getting is:
Ryzen 1700
ASUS Prime X370-Pro
16GB DIMM kit Kingston 2666Mhz vs 3200mhz
GTX 1060 vs 1070
256GB SSD for system partion

Did some research and it turns out that intel configurations tend to build a lot faster the UE4’s codebase. Since VS2017 uses up to 12 cores, and both intel and ryzen have up to 8, how come ryzen takes about 42 minutes and the intel gets 30 minutes? This thread.

Read on the questions app of UE4 that the engine uses all the cores you can throw at it for compiling, building lightning and cooking and shader compiling and all it’s features. So many threads are a huge bonus.

Can’t find info about maya or max or painter or other apps about multithreading? Though I suppose Painter uses heavy multithreading for baking texture maps.

So what do you guys suggest me getting? I’m not in a hurry to buy.