[New Tool] Rama's Instanced Static Mesh Editor Feature (pull request)

So whatever happened to this? Was the pull request denied? Ignored? Forgotten? I haven’t had a chance to study the code, but it seems like a useful feature to have at hand.

New Github Thread

Sorry, the new github thread is here!




Plugin Version Updated!

I just updated the plugin version of my Instanced Static Mesh Editor!

Rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Editor

A while back I added an Instanced Static Mesh Editor feature to my Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, which is now a separate plugin from this Victory BP Library:

Victory Ed Engine ~ Vertex Snapping and Instanced Static Mesh Editor

There was a bug in my setup that prevented the Instanced Static Meshes from working in a packaged game, and I’ve now fixed that bug!

So now my Victory ISM Editor is fully operational for your level-making needs!

You can now easily manipulate Instanced Static Mesh instances in the level viewport in world space!

And it works in a packaged game!

New Video I Filmed Today!

Original Video Introducing the Concept of Instanced Static Mesh

**Super-Efficient Way to Render 1000s of Meshes!**

In this video you can see my frame rate go from 9 fps with 1500 static mesh actors in the scene, back to over 100 fps, with the simple press of a key! And all the geometry in the level is preserved!

You can now easily create a super efficient instanced static mesh from a selection of regular static meshes, and also undo the process to make individual edits!

**I explain everything in the video!**

Installation Instructions



Will it work for static meshes that are inside blueprints but not the root component of it?
And they also have 6 materials each ( all materials are instance of the same material but with different properties ( Texture, brightness etc… ) ).

Which versions of unreal does it work with?

Hi Rama,

I have been trying for a few hours with different versions and also going back to 4.92 just incase it cannot seem to get the VictoryEdEngine (Vertex Snap) working with my 4.10 - I am sure I have downloaded the correct files and placed them in the correctly (created) Plugins folder inside my project folder but when I load my project at around 73%

I get the error
: 68492-error.png

So… I do not even get to the stage of adding the adding of the below to my DefaultEngine.ini file


A pic of my folder structure also :


When I tried your other plugin, it worked fine and appeared in the plugins list, I tried this purely to see if it was me :).

Any help appreciated as I’ve followed the Wiki and trauled through the forums for any other advice and thought it best if I post this here.

Many Thanks in advance

Holy ****. Rama single handedly improves the Engine by himself and gives me a solution to what I’ve been looking for the past 12 months !!!

i am getting the same error as PerfsPC. If someone could help :slight_smile:


dont worry about it, i re-compiled for ue4.10 and all working now.

Yes - Well done Tads - All working.

Great for square based meshes but something like angled mesh what isn’t perfectly square seems like it will only snap 1 vertex at a time, would be great for it to align the rest of the vertex’s up, I’ll have a play unless i have missed something.

yea, something like “Edge” snap would be great!

Even with edge snap I don’t think it would suffice after working things out this evening in 3ds Max, the only way of exact snap is to match the rotation values 1st, unless I’m mistaken :slight_smile:

Cool I want this! BTW fi your “GitHub Support” link in first post

can i use this plugin for mobile???

How to make this work on a Mac? I keep getting an error that the plugin library is not installed correctly and i must consider disabling it for project. Also i want to use it on mobile. Will it work?

Super excited to get this working my project. Could I have a more detailed rundown on how to get it working in a custom engine (we are working w/ Wwise)?


Rama should be hired from Epic , is really awesome to do easier our lives. I dont understand why these features arent in unreal engine

Hee hee!

Lovely to hear from you @Rollocasual



Victory Instanced Static Mesh Editor 4.13

Dear Community,

By popular request I’ve finally restored the Victory ISM Editor functionality in my vertex snap plugin!

I provide you here with an entire project that you can use to understand the setup:


Basically my Victory ISM editor has to use a C++ based instanced static mesh actor in order to work correctly, as BP-added ISM components dont survive serialization for some reason, but my C++ class does, which is called VictoryISM.

The VictoryISM class is set in project settings -> Victory Ed Engine :slight_smile:

Select a bunch of static mesh actors, and press I in order to merge them, press SHIFT + I to separate them again for editing.

My merging process works with undo/redo feature of UE4 :slight_smile:



Can you update this for 2.19?