New To Unreal/Programming in general. Views from a novice to help new users.

First I just wanted to provide some background, I have been interested in trying to create my own games since I had my first NES system. I was always very overwhelmed by learning programming languages as I am a very visual person and learn best with visuals. I have attempted to use pretty much every other engine on the market and have not been able to even get a single pixel to move on the screen. I will be honest, I avoided Unreal Engine due to the stigma that it’s a very difficult engine to work with.

I should have never listened to them.

As soon as I saw the visual scripting / blue print programming that could be done with this engine I knew that this was going to be a different experience. I am well into developing my first level and learning the basics from the vast amount of tutorials and resources out there.

Some of my suggestions here are perhaps already available but I have not discovered how to do it. So without further delay, some thoughts from a complete novice on improving the beginners experience of visual scripting and the tools inside.

  • Blueprint classes background/window color matching the color in the content manager window or the ability to customize the window color so that the user knows which blueprint class they are working with. Visually, every blueprint class event graph looks the same and I have on many occasions been attempting to work in the wrong class by mistake.

  • Text Scale similar to the view content icon size slider, a feature similar for interface or text size for those that struggle to read the small text on a large 2k+ monitor.

  • Blueprint quick reference guide/cheat sheet ( Blueprint docs guide links are not valid. Would be nice to have this cheat sheet available for reference.

  • Blend Space, ability to alter animation transform functions within the blend space. If Selecting a Walk animation have the option to “Character Moving Left” or “Character moving right” or “character moving backwards” and have the engine do the transform function automatically using the 1 animation reference.

I am only a few weeks in and already making significant progress. I am a total Unreal supporter now and excited to learn and develop my skills more!