New to Unreal Engine Need Some Help with serious lag issue inside of game

So i’ve been developing a project in unreal engine for about 3 months now. I was just about to export the project and put it on steam for free, i was just adding a few minor things. I added a save game for the user’s settings so they transfer over from

the main menu to the game itself and then will also save for the next time. I had the mechanic running flawlessly without any bugs so I proceeded to package my project. I tested it before trying to upload and to my surprise the mechanic does not work when the game is packaged. I went down to rabbit hole trying to determine the issue and realized that the cast was failing to my save game bp. I’ve been trying to fix it by playing around with how I load the save game, i’ve tried catching it in a variable and now am trying async load save game with appeared to work. However now when i load up into my main map the stat unit lights up red and the game is lag frozen within 3 seconds. I honestly have no idea what could be causing this problem. Any help would be super appreciated!!! I can share pictures of the blueprints if needed but they are extensive.

Generally I’d avoid async if you can. If you have more than one running at any given time, one will take preference over the others and you end up with a half-cocked save.

If you cast isn’t working it might mean your save game BP isn’t making it into the packaged game for some reason. Take a look in the reference viewer, does something depend on your savegame?

Another possibility it to force something to depend on your save game. For instance, in your persistent level blueprint, make a variable of type MySaveGame, then when that level gets packaged, the save game has to go with it.