New to Unreal Engine and question on Royalties

I am brand new to unreal engine and I am not sure I will even use it for very long. I originally paid for this because I wanted to make an educational game. I have since figured out that I do not have the know how or the time at this moment to do it myself. I made a few calls to programmers in my area and I am going to pay a game developer to make me a game I can use. So here is the question…

  1. Do I still have to pay royalties if I am not the one making the game and it is being made for me? The last I heard is they might be using Unreal engine 4 to do it.


If you own the game and you are going to be selling it, then you would be paying the 5% royalty.
For the people you hire, they would simply have to pay for the subscription fee to get access to the engine.

I am extremely glad that I asked. Do you know where it says it to make double sure? Not doubting you but want to be sure and this brings me to another big question.

What got me interested in building a game was the tutorial I saw online and it showed all the free marketplace stuff that you can download. My question is this since I cannot find it in the agreement. Can you use the stuff from the marketplace in your game or is that copyrighted?

With one of the 3d software that I am learning they give you free stuff and allow you to use it in any production without attributing - Basically Royalty Free. I want to know if all this marketplace stuff is the same way but just adding and educational flare to it. Thanks

Yes, all of the free marketplace assets published so far are free to use in any free/paid project you make with UE4. This and your previous question have been answered many times before by Epic staff. You should be able to find them easily if you search here;

Thank You.