New to Unreal Engine and gamemaking.

Hello! I don’t know much about the Unreal Engine community, but if I shall judge it by the other gamemaking communitys I think you guys are a bunch of friendly friends who wants to help a really big noob.

So, lets see if I can explain this without having to write a harry potter sized book.

Like most of you in here I want to make a game, simple as that. Now, as you saw, I am a big noob when it comes to the Unreal Enigne, (and others but mostly this one) and I need help and motivation. Most of this is very advanced to me right now.

I have searched far and wide over the internet for tutorials and such, sure I know the basics of the Engine. But when it comes to more advanced stuff I am so lost. Like Animations, I downloaded the free packs from the marketplace, but how do I put an animation on a character? AI character and player character?

I can nag on and on about all the problems I have and all the things I need to learn to even be able to make a selfmade playable game.

I would be so thankful if you, people of the Unreal Engine Community could provide tips, links everything you can come up with to help me, I am sure atleast most of you once was in my position.

Thanks in advance, appreciate it!

unreal has a Playlist on youtube that walks you through setting up a player controller and adding animations to state machines.
for a great jumpstart into bluepringing you can’t miss Kleiner Baer’s complex day/night cycle. I went from asking how do i do this? to being able to make a fully dynamic weather addon to his system, just from what i learned from him.
Tesla has awesome short tutorials for unreal.
James taylor is an awesome instructor for stuff outside the engine. (models, textures, rendering).
I highly recommend reading Shooter tutorial even if you aren’t making an FPS. it will guide you through everything you need to know.

Bookmarked this thread just so I don’t lose all those tutorials. Thank you!

As ixicalibur touched on, don’t expect to always find the exact tutorial for what you want to do. Even if you want to make a side-scroller, the fps tutorial will teach you a lot about character movement, user input and so on.

Good luck!

Thank you! I quickly scanned through them and will definitely check all of them!
And the small amount that I saw by the shooter tutorial (Just scanning through the categories) it look amazing and very helpful! Will definitely check it out fully, very soon!