New to Unreal Engine 4. Used Unity game engine in the past. Any advice? Tips?

Do you have any advice for me? Anything that I should learn, avoid, or know about Unreal Engine 4? What about any books or online tutorials?

Thank you so much!

It depends on what kind of role you want to fill. :slight_smile: There are great tutorials on the official Youtube channel
A great way of getting started is using one of the example projects such as the blueprint example and try to learn how it works.

Here are the unreal from unity docs

The Getting Started doc hasn’t changed much and is still quite limited.
I suggest dissecting a free demo, community or marketplace project.
What genre are you working in, maybe there’s an existing UE4 project…

Pick a direction, rpg, shooter, topdown, 2d and follow it to end… meaning google search for tutorials based off them even if they dont complete to a game… Logic is priceless in Blueprints
after this normally its pretty simple to recreate and figuer out other stuff…

for more complexe things, like using arrays and randoms functions in the background…
disect other projects offered like said above… and see what they do (still confuses me, due to lack of advanced tutorials. in REAL world scenerios)

all in all theres enough to get you going just ask and ill provide if not google… Hit me up