New to UE4

Hi to every one,
Im new to UE4 im going to work on a underwater scene and I wonder is these possible with UE4? and is any tutorial around where I can get some tip from it.
what about a ocean surface and bouncy ?
thank you all

It is possible, but as far as I know there are no complete tutorials about that topic around, but you will mainly have to use post process effects :slight_smile:

e.g an underwater scene: (middle part of the video)


Thanks for the advice and videos.

I want to make myself an RPG Yype of game, character invents, trading, speech… Etc

What should of ways should I start with?


Hey Risc!
Check out this thread when you get used to UE4 stuff, it’s more advanced thread, but definitely worth looking at if you’re interested in underwater scenes