New to UE4, Static Mesh Question

Good afternoon everyone

So I’ve finally decided to take the dive into a lifelong desire to learn how to design and build game levels, and as such have decided to learn the inner workings of the Unreal Engine.

Now I’ve gone through (I feel) a pretty substantial amount of the provided tutorials, have read through a lot of the Documentation that Epic has for reference, but I still have a quick albeit possibly stupid question while I tinker around and learn the software.

I’ve seen all of the games, levels, and worlds that have been created using this engine, whether professionally, commercially, or otherwise…but when I load the engine up, I’m currently only able to find maybe a small few dozen static meshes (and materials for that matter, but I’m more curious about the meshes). Example; I started to try and design a simple building and yard type landscape, but could only find a small handful of prefab’d walls/doors, but there was no roof or anything and I was able to find 1 chair, 1 table, and a bench among a very limited number of other placeable items…

So my questions is,
Are there any larger collections of meshes, either packaged with the engine or provided (without paying for user generated content in the marketplace) to me to download and snap together in varying arrangements to build levels, reminiscent of something like the Bethesda Creation Kit? Or is this engine quite literally a ‘you need it, you build it yourself’ type of deal?

Thank you in advance for any provided assistance

-buy assets on the marketplace
-use the free packets which you can find in your library/learn tab
-create your own meshes -> with tools like blender, 3ds , maya,… :slight_smile:

Some useful links: