New to UE4, Need help with imported assets

Hello, I am fairly new to UE4. Just picked it up 3 or 4 weeks ago and have indulged plenty of tutorials on youtube and other sites that offer help. I’ve also recently started playing ElDewrito (Halo Online) and was overwhelmed with nostalgia. Because of this I have decided to remake the map “Sand Trap” from Halo 3 in UE4. I’ve made good progress with my limited knowledge but have come to some difficulties.

There are multiple pyramid structures throughout the map and I had no trouble modeling them in blender and importing them to UE4. The trouble I do have is when I try to create a passage through the middle of the structure and import into UE4, it does not take into account the extra pieces of geometry added so that I can walk through the pyramid.

and here’s me standing on the opening where I want to walk into

How can I make that opening … open? I want to make a passage like that on all four sides leading into each other in the middle so I can walk freely in between them but UE4 is making the imported object just one big object that I can walk all over but can’t go inside. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Here’s a quick picture of my blender project:

double click on the static mesh to open up the static mesh options. On the toolbar at the top click ‘collisions’ to show the collision mesh, it may well be that your collision isn’t set right. If it’s autogenerated it, it certainly will be nonsense and I bet the collision covers the gap. You could try fiddling with the generate collision settings and regenerating the collision to try to get a better fit. Or the mesh may be a bit to complex and you’ll have to set up the collision manually.

Thank you very much! I was really just lost on where to look to change something like this so I appreciate you giving me the direction and some information. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure this out now so thank you again!