New to UE4: Editor window management questions

Good day, all

I’m relatively new to UE4, coming from other tools, and have some basic workflow questions with respect to managing UE Editor windows.

My setup is a 17" laptop with a 4K panel, and a second monitor that is only 1080p (for now, planning to upgrade soon). I’m running on Windows 10 with the monitors in “extend” mode (i.e., independent screen space).

Many of the content editors in UE4 want to pop up on the main screen, overlapping my main Viewport. If I dock these to the main window, they will only dock as a separate main tab, so if they are selected then my main Viewport, Content Browser, etc., are all hidden.

Is there a way I can have the content editors (such as the Material Editor and its siblings) either be on the second monitor, or be just another panel within my main window, instead of their own main window? Failing that, can I have these on the second screen but keep my Viewport and other “main” windows on the primary screen?

The overall goal is to be able to make changes in (for example) the Material Editor and upon saving or applying those changes, see the result immediately in my level without having to swap windows or drag aside an editor popup that’s covering the Viewport.

Thanks for any recommended “best practices” for multi-monitor setups.

As an additional sub-question, I’d like to know if there are specific editor settings I should tweak to take best advantage of the 4K resolution of my main screen.