New to UE. Can someone point me in a direction?

I am trying to create a 2d map of a city. When I mouse over a building I want information to highlight. Then I want a timeline at the bottom that I can slide to change the development of the city over time.

Can anyone point me in a direction to get started with this scope of a project?

We’ll need a bit more info.

  • how are the changes manifesting - are they animated or the goal is to simply replace one building with another as the time goes by
  • how about roads - is this also included
  • how detailed are we talking - districts, individual houses, bus stops, vegetation
  • is this a static screen size or one can zoom and pan around
  • UMG does not support custom shaped collision, so an L-shaped building with something else nested in the corner is somewhat of an issue (it can be solved with Z ordering, though but it leads to another point, below)
  • are you going to support layers, where the user can hide all building / bridges / vegetation

When you say 2d, is this top-down, isometric or an 2d overlay on top of 3d?

  • Simple Replace
  • Roads and Sidewalks, but they will not be changing
  • Very simple massing. White box
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Layers are not necessary. The only input I want the user to have is to mouse over buildings to highlight them and reveal details about them. Then a slider they can use to show time change for the city.
  • top-down 2d map.

So, I would implement it using the following tools: