New to this, where do I begin?

Hello, for quite some time I’ve been really interested in doing 3D Environments (especially in the horror genre). I once played around with UDK a little (for around a week). I have also played with Cinema 4D (Nothing about sculpting or anything advanced). Now I got UE4 and followed the tutorials on their youtube channel, but I don’t know where to begin when making my own projects, should I learn a 3D program, or stick to UE4? I would take a course in game development if I had the time but that’s not possible.
Would appreciate any kind of directions (I tried googling but I suck at it).


some tutorials here and you can start by watching the ones on unreal youtube channel

Start making a level.

If you’ve already done the tutorials, then it’s time to make your own level.

It always starts with concept. Grab some paper and pencil, open up google, find reference images, etc. You want to do a horror scene? Ok, where’s the location? What kind of building? Is it a house, an old hospital, a castle? Whatever it is, put it on paper, google some images for reference. Once you have a good idea of the scene you want to do, you can start “blocking it out”.

Typically the workflow goes as follows, Concept -> BSP -> Meshing -> Lighting -> VFX.

It always starts with concept. If you have no reference or anything on paper, you’ll end up staring at a blank canvass for a long time.

Thanks. I have watched 80% of the vids on the unreal engines youtube, but must have overlooked that first link when I checked the tutorial part of the forums.

EDIT: Oh MattD is MetalGameStudios, already subscribed to him :slight_smile:

Ok thanks a lot for the advice, so I shouldn’t bother about 3D programs yet? I want to try making a hospital/asylum or a jail environment. Is there any place I can get static meshes since I don’t know sculpting yet?

Here you can download stuff:

MattD? I’m MetalGameStudios :wink:

You will need to get into modelling at some point for static meshes. However, there’s plenty of free stuff out there for you to use while you’re learning. is a good place to get free stuff.

You’ll still need to learn the basics of importing/exporting meshes from a modelling program to UE4 though. You won’t need to learn any advanced modelling stuff right away, but you will need to know the basics.

Oh, my bad, just thought because the post he linked was MattD and the first link in the thread was MetalGameStudios so, maybe he just collects all tuts there.

Thanks for your vids, they’re helpful and short :slight_smile:

Ok, yeah I thought I might just use some free meshes in the beginning and then when I get good enough to make more original stuff I can start cutting things up :slight_smile: