new to Maya and Game design in general

Hello having another problem using the Animation and Rigging Toolset.

Originally I was having a problem getting a control rig built bc the box wasnot sizeable but I fixed that in the Skeleton UI script.

However now when I am trying to open edit existing so that I can export to UE4 I am having same problem with the whole box not showi g so I have no options… I am very frustrated as I need new animations for my project and bought Maya specifically bc it was supposed to have a direct link into UE4. Please help

Hi AlphaHemi,

Have you looked at our forum thread that should cover a lot of the information you need? Animation and Rigging Toolset Forum Thread

Thank you!


I have and in fact used it to fix the first issue I had but haven’t seen anything about an issue with the edit existing box, I posted this same question in that forums however I haven’t gotten any responses to it. So if anyone could just help me here would be appreciated.

Ok I fixed this box sizing issue again through the script so if you guys wanted to add it as a fix or workaround. If you go into Maya Animation Rigging Tools file, through Unreal Engine file. Find PY File Named: customMayaMenu run a quick search/change and search for sizeable = False and change to sizeable = True . Save file open Maya and now when you choose edit existing character you should be able to grab the edge of the box and drag it out so the edit export file and edit rig file options are accessible.