New to Animations, Suggestions/Tips?

I’m pretty new to animating, and I thought I’d go ahead and ask for some advice here. Currently I’ve got 2 arms skinned to a biped in 3ds Max, and I was wondering if this would work out with UnrealEngine 4? I played around with it a bit last night, and got something like this;

However, when I tried to animate it - the entire pose reset, so I got some research to do on how to actually animate using the biped. So I guess my questions are;

  1. Will using 3ds Max biped be compatible with UE4?
  2. How should I export the animations? FBX? I remember a while back, I had to use XActor to export animations which was pretty straight forward. How’s the workflow for this in terms of UE4?
  3. What are the suggested animation lengths for things such as; Idle, Fire and Reload?
  4. Should I separate the biped, or can I use the entire skeleton for 1P? Any performance impacts?

If you’ve got any links to videos or websites that has useful information that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the reply!

I managed to figure out how to get my biped into UE4, as well as the workflow for importing animations. However, I remain very confused when it comes to using both the biped and weapon skeletons. How would I go about doing this? Wouldn’t UE4 think that I’m trying to import an entirely new skeleton?

Or must I export them separately? The biped, and then the rifle skeleton?


Made some progress;

Now I just need to find myself some proper models :smiley: