New SpeedTree Subscription Perks

Hey everybody,

So we just rolled out some new bonus content and perks for our SpeeTree Subscription Modeler and I wanted to spread the word about the new goods that come with a SpeedTree subscription:

Monthly Bonus Content

Active subscribers will be able to access a free set of assets each month via the online store. We’ll be releasing one hero resolution, one desktop resolution, and one mobile resolution model each month. These assets will include all the variations (Fall, Winter, Summer) as well as any leaf map makers associated with that model. Once you’ve downloaded these assets they will be yours to use whether you maintain the subscription or not. Each month will include a hero model, a desktop model, and a mobile model. The line up will change each month to offer a variety

September Bonus Content
Hero Resolution: Alaskan Cedar (3 Models & 3 Leaf Map Makers)
Desktop Resolution: Bamboo (2 Models)
Mobile Resolution: Coconut Palm (3 Models)

If you’re already a subscriber you can go ahead and download your UE4 bonus content. Simply add to your cart and enjoy that $0.00 purchase. It’s your’s forever.

SpeedTree Store Discount

If you’ve got an active subscription you’re also automatically given 15% off the SpeedTree asset store, which is a discount that also stacks. That means that right now while we’re running our end of summer sale, an active subscription will net you 55% off of all our packages and assets. Not too shabby. As always you can cancel your subscription at any time and keep using any assets you’ve made or purchased.

Anyway, we love seeing the awesome work that you guys do with SpeedTree and we hope that these perks will help and inspire future projects.

Be sure to keep track of our blogfor upcoming news and next months tree packages and feel free to leaf us a note to let us know what you think!


Great idea! I think this makes keeping a subscription going a great deal even during periods you won’t be using it all that much.