New sound engine on PS4

Hi there,

We’ve just upgraded our project to 4.18 and I’m looking forward to make use of the new sound engine and tools. Is there a way to enable the new sound engine for PS4 currently? I’ve had a look and can’t seem to find any details. If not, is there a ballpark estimate for when it might be supported?

Many thanks

Definitely, we’ve had support for PS4 on it for a little while now! You will need to edit your config file like with any other platform. Set the module to AudioMixerAudioOut.

Hey Dan, thank you for the reply! So just to clarify, I just need to edit Engine\Config\PS4\BasePS4Engine.ini with
[Audio] AudioDeviceModuleName=AudioMixerAudioOut Thanks in advance! Harry

Sure, I suppose, though I would probably just edit the Config file in your Project directory and not the BasePS4Engine.ini but just the PS4Engine.ini–you can create a new one if there isn’t already one. Just like the instructions on all the other platforms in our sticky.