[New Release] iClone Live Mocap Plug-in for Perception Neuron - Up to two Characters

What is iClone Mocap Plug-in for Perception Neuron:

**Building affordable live motion capture and performance animation studios! **
The dream of animating 3D characters with your body’s own natural motion is now possible for every 3D designer. Combining the head-to-toe mocap capability of Perception Neuron® with iClone’s highly approved easy-to-use design, 3D character creation capability, motion editing, facial puppet and audio lip-sync tools, iClone Mocap plug-in for Perception Neuron offers a complete Live Character Animation Platform that can be exported to any game engine or 3D app with a comprehensive FBX, BVH character and motion pipeline for use by small studios, school media labs, institute training centers and even independent artists. Designed for live performance capture in the virtual space, iClone Mocap Plug-in is also used in film, TV and game production, and it allows content creators to accurately retarget actors’ movements to animated avatars. The technology also benefits consumers of VR content, allowing them to animate characters in real-time as well as interact with their virtual environment.

Unique advantages of iClone Perception Neuron Mocap Live

  • Portable Mobility - fully modularized design fit in padded-foam box, less than 10 mins wear to live capture
  • Down to finger accuracy - live stream highly detailed hands and finger movement, giving your whole motion smooth and unconstrained result.
  • Live Performance Capture - instant visual feedback on how the final character behaves, and makes the capture works every time
  • Duo Interaction - instant duo performance gives the immediate productivity which it almost not possible (or very time consuming) if using post motion editing way
  • Motion Recording - iClone users can choose to live stream mocap data from AXIS Neuron Software, or stream from recorded BVH motion file. It gives the flexibility to start and stop mocap anytime
  • 3D Characters - with the largest character library and powerful Character Creator, you can instantly morph and design any character you need
  • Motion Refinement & Editing - iClone give you the edge to exaggerate your motion, speed up, or adding motion curve to bring back the strength and velocity

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