New post isn't bumping thread to first page

This is about the 3rd time I’ve experienced this issue, where I post a new post in my thread and it doesn’t bump it to the first page, or show as having a new post. Here’s a link to the thread. Project Reverie - Sci/Fantasy Third-Person Action Game! - Unreal Engine Forums

It’s still on page 2, and says the last post was 10 days ago. For a bug that’s supposed to be rare, I sure seem to be very lucky. =/ Assistance would be greatly appreciated. [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

We’ll bring it back up. It’s been an elusive issue to track down. Sorry you’ve repeatedly encountered it.

Thanks Amanda,

Someone posted in there and it bumped it back. Furthermore I haven’t had any issues these past few days. Would be great to be rid of it entirely though.

Agreed, it’s not the experience we’d like to provide. Glad it got bumped back up in the meantime though!