New Player Controller class only works after restarting the engine

Hello epic,

i am new to unreal engine, but i think the following behavior is a bug:

Instruction to produce:

  1. Start unreal editor and choose “New Project” (Blank)
  2. Go to: “Settings” → “Project Settings…” → “Maps & Modes”
  3. Press “+” at “Default GameMode” and “OK”
  4. Press “+” at “Player Controller Class” and “OK”
  5. Inside the new “Player Controller Class” at “Event Graph” create a new “Keyboard Event” for Q with a “Print String” (Hello) for “Pressed”
  6. Compile & Save
  7. Press “Play” and press the key Q. The “Hello”-String will NOT appear
  8. Now press “Save All” and close unreal engine
  9. Start unreal engine and open the saved project
  10. Press “Play” and press the key Q. From now the “Hello”-String appears (but you have also the “WASD”-control, which should not be there (as far as i understand) because the new “Player Controller Class” doesn’t provide it.

I am on windows 7 with all security updates and unreal engine 4.16.1. I have discovered a similiar behavior on unreal engine 4.15.1.

Thank you!

Hey vinys-

Essecentially what is happening is the GameMode blueprint that you created in step 3 is not being compiled after changing the default Player Controller Class. If you open the game mode blueprint and compile it then your print message will appear without having to restart the editor. This behavior has been reported which you can find here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-45800) .