New OSS Blueprint Nodes Question.

Hello Unreal Forums, first time poster and first time user of a visual scripting system such as the blueprints in UE4.

Im trying to create the multiplayer framework for my game and ive had quite a few questions about some things for quite a while since i am completely sticking to BP’s. With the introduction of the new OSS nodes some of those questions have disappeared but a few important ones remain and i hope i can get a solid answer on one here in this thread so i can get back to work.

Probably the most important question i have is, with the new Join Session node that creates a connection to a session, does the Server actually know about the connecting player as soon as that node executes or only after the node has finished executing and is this connecting state accessible anywhere for the server? Ill give an example of what i mean. In older games when a player views the score board for the server they can view players in 2 states, connected players who are currently in the server as well as players who are currently connecting. (CoD is a good example alot of people would be familiar with im sure.).

So if i wanted to implement a list of player names who are currently connecting, how would i go about doing this?

If this sort of functionality isnt available, is it planned to be expanded into?