New Ideas for the Market Place for 2020??? (Props - Cars - Planes etc??? )

Hey guys an girls

Im just wondering what would you people like to buy on the

market place as of in 3D props - ??

Im comfortable in 3d designing - Props for characters - cars -

planes - tanks etc - mostly 3D work.

And i have commercial software to do so to make the stuff.

But atm im stuck and stumped on ideas to make go figure .

I can do some BP work but just basic stuff also on BP codeing . of what iv been taught.,

I also thought maybe even modulars might be an idea but what do people want as a modular?

thats the question in 3D .

example i dunno maybe like 3D modular fences etc???

anyway i dont do C++ i have no idea how dont bother asking me on that one haha ,

anyway fire away . Thanks Guys.

Be great to here from you.



I purchase many assets from the Marketplace, and kit-bash them together to create unique game entities. My goal is to develop my game entirely out of Marketplace Assets. I would like more see more modular Kit-bashing Packs (Bash-Kits?) for Game Entities such as Characters, Creatures, Weapons, Vehicles/Machines, and Props. We have plenty of Kit-Bashing for Level/Environment Design, I don’t see why we cannot for Entities.

I would also like to see modular accessory/extension packs for existing assets in the Marketplace for developers to customize stuff they already purchased. Not sure why the Publishers are not collaborating to do this, but, I do know an entire game dev consumer market is being under serve. I’m one of them.

I would also like to see more packs directly related or tied to KITBASH, environments particularly…
One of things sellers assume is that end-users are going to seamlessly integrate an environment.
But the reality is, if they could do that they probably already have the chops to make similar packs.:wink:


It takes ‘real skill’ to integrate packs into existing work, and make them look like they belong there.
That’s why the marketplace is a bore, there aren’t enough hybrid packs that offer benefits like this.
Or content that has customization tools built-in to help you integrate packs, as it’d really add value. :cool:

Random Example:
Real-world cities often integrate Asian architecture or temples next to Western buildings next to Italian restaurants…
And guess what, it just works…
The human brain doesn’t register its all wrong / can’t happen. It just works. But how to replicate that in virtual cities? :wink:

There is a hands-off approach taken by MP creators such as: ‘Well, here it is, my latest environment… Now its your problem to try and integrate it into your own work’. Whereas, it’d be nice to have the option to pay more and have creators take a different approach like: ‘its our job as creators to help you integrate this into your own work. So here’s some tools to help’… Or ‘here’s our price list to help you with custom tweaking if you need it’.

But the marketplace never expanded to that sadly… Sorry if this sounds harsh… But there’s such a lack of ambition on the marketplace, its a crime… A lot of it stems from creators feeling trapped and thinking ‘Well I have to price this @ 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 USD / EUR in order to sell anything. So I may as well just create another factory building or rundown zombie apartment, as that will definitely sell, right’??? Its kinda sad… Epic promised more… :p**

i Agree man - on your comment totally . i see and understand of the random example would be cool to do but would take a long time to create and plan i guess . hopefully with the new engine next year of its higher end specs this will be more easier to approach on creating stuff. As itll be endless technology. Cant wait till nxt year for ue5 i hope its good as they say it is . hopefulle more high end packs will be thought up of then bigger cities etc and buildings . etc . :slight_smile:

Also someone has already made a bunch of fantasy hats dekogon has made heaps of them already. to the person who wanted fantasy hats . there are heaps out there atm already .