New Hotfix wants to re-download everything

Hey guys,

After I add the hotfix command line arguments to the shortcut, the launcher wants to download the entire 7 GBs of the engine over again, and also all of the marketplace examples. Is this normal?

Edit: Added picture. It also seems to have forgotten about all the other marketplace items, I actually have all of them installed already.

Ouch… that is certainly NOT supposed to happen. Thanks for escalating; this was already FWDed around internally and folks are looking at it.

It didn’t break or delete anything, fortunately; I just removed the arguments from the command line, and the next time it ran everything was back to normal.

Hi gregdumb,

Can you let us know the version number you see shown in the bottom left of the Launcher window?



I’m also using the fix for the stuck launcher update download, from earlier this week, so my entire shortcut looked like this:

“C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEngineLauncher.exe” -CPLabel=QFE2 -LauncherLabel=QFE3 -AppLabel=Production-HotfixPreview

(If I removed the -CPLabel=QFE2 part, the launcher updater still gets stuck on 80%.)


Could you remove the -CPLabel=QFE2 part as that is resulting in the wrong version of the launcher to be used to download the engine. I’m sorry this is such a confusing setup. Clearly something we need to streamline and document better.

As far as the 80% issue is concerned, would you mind trying the steps outlined at Launcher Update Stuck on Downloading - UE4 AnswerHub to see whether they unblock you?

If I remove -CPLabel=QFE2, the launcher auto-updater gets stuck at 81%:

(Increasing the timeout values like it says in that answerhub link doesn’t fix the problem.)

So the two setups:

“C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEngine Launcher.exe” -CPLabel=QFE2 -LauncherLabel=QFE3 -AppLabel=Production-HotfixPreview
Launcher loads successfully, but wants to re-download everything.

“C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEngine Launcher.exe” -LauncherLabel=QFE3 -AppLabel=Production-HotfixPreview
Launcher gets stuck on the blue 81% screen.

EDIT: I left the blue update screen on 81% for a long time, and it eventually worked. Now it’s downloading a 4GB engine update. Is THAT the right size this time? :slight_smile:

It is the “right” size in such as that it is the expected size based on what we know now. We are working on a fix for the size being so large… which might result in you having to update again, sorry!

Good to hear you are shrinking it :slight_smile: Do whatever you have to do, even if it means another update! Small download sizes are definitely appreciated :slight_smile:

Dear Daniel,

How are Git Hub users going to use the QFE properly?

I work with people using the 7GB version who will get it automatically, but I am using Git Hub only

I have a UDN post here:

(not trying to derail this thread, I am just highly concerned about this, I need to stay up to date with the 7GB ppl)

Just a quick note, the download size displayed is accurate in terms of what bits it needs to patch, but the actual download size is compressed and should be much smaller. We’ll be fixing that in a future release, thanks!


Thanks, that’s good to hear :slight_smile:

I’ll probably pass up on this Hotfix, since I don’t seem to be affected by the problems that were fixed, but I am eagerly awaiting the DL-size-decreasing patch :slight_smile: