New helpt with rotation for VR Menu Overlay


I created a UMG ‘Menu’ widget and added this to a blueprint.

Now I’m trying to spawn this blueprint in front of where the HMD is looking, however when referencing the rotation the menu does not spawn at all.

I tried everything Camera Get Word Rotation, Get Orientation and Postion and more, been stuck on this for past 2 days.

Note: The menu should be an overlay where the person is looking and not be locked to the Viewport / Camera.
Note 2: It also seems to spawn behind me, which can be fixed by changing the Vector*Float to a negative value, I just wonder why this occurs.
Note 3: it should only use the z ‘yaw’ rotation.

Checkout full source here:


You will find your answer inside this… GitHub - mitchemmc/UE4FirstPersonVRTemplate: A first person template for unreal engine 4 focused on VR

Try this:

Only the yaw rotation is being used so that the object doesn’t become crooked.