New guy, advice please!!

Hey guys!
Pretty new here so just wanted to say my plans for the future. My aim is to firstly get comfortable with the use of unreal engine. links to tutorials etc would be nice! I then aim to make my own first person shooter based on the battle of mogadishu. It’s pretty ambitious though! So any tutorials, advice, help for creating fps games would be great such as creating arms and animations for them etc!


Perhaps my tutorial series would be of help to you (see my signature). As for any advice I have to offer, know the material/content before diving into something like a full game, especially if you are serious about it, otherwise you may do things the wrong way and end up wasting time. Now I’m not saying to not try anything, but if you are serious about making a game, you should at least know something about what you are about to do. I made the mistake of attempting to make a game before I was experienced with the engine, and it was a mess. Just play around and experiment, and you can learn pretty fast.

You should do smaller tech demo’s first of different parts, features you want before you try to do everything all in one project.

Thanks, will definitely check it out!

Take a look at the official youtube tutorials -> + when you need an explanation of something, make sure to use the documentation https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/ :slight_smile: