New Gaming Site

Hello Everyone,

Throughout quarantine I’ve had time to work on a project I’ve been wanting to pursue for some time. I’ve begun developing several websites for selling various forms of media. Currently the game site and the music site are up and running, though not officially launched. The sites allow third parties to signup and sell physical and downloadable products, as well as having their own storefront on the site. I’d like to Invite anyone with something they want to share to come sign up and add some products. We are going to offer some benefits that aren’t offered elsewhere such as

Low Commission Rates: We take 10%, you keep 90%. This rate is pretty low, based on my research, plus it will be well worth the 10% investment based on what we offer.

No Signup or Listing Fees: We don’t charge to become a seller and we don’t charge to list your product.

Curation: We will be playing every game submitted and checking to make sure it’s not garbage. We only want quality content and will make sure that we don’t simply have crappy asset flips on our site. This doesnt mean that we will reject games we don’t like or have unique styling. There is a difference between Intentional styling choices of graphic and gameplay and something just thrown together to make a quick buck. We don’t expect perfection but we want to see some polish.

Marketing and Review: We will be doing various forms of marketing for every game. Let’s Play Videos, Video Reviews, Posting Trailers, Distributing to influencers for marketing purposes. We succeed when you succeed so we want to help you succeed.

In time we hope to grow to a point where we can become a full on publisher, making physical copies and signing studios to deals. Maybe even moving into the console game market.

So there’s my sales pitch. If you’re interested please check out

Also, i’ll throw in a plug for my other site for those who like to compose music, the site it

Thanks guys,

Hope to see you there.

Also, the site has had very little testing so please feel free to provide feedback on bugs or usuability, Thanks.