New EggK47 Spooky Hollows Steam Update

The undead have come home to roost!!! If crazed farmers and other earthly creatures weren’t enough to ruffle you feathers now the chicken is gonna have to deal with ZOMBIES hungry for some chicken meat!!!

Come visit SPOOKY HOLLOWS a new dark and scary map where you’ll find THE UNDEAD CASTLE, THE HAUNTED CHURCH OF CHICKEN VON SATAN AND GIANT SPIDERS! You prob wont survive this one…

So update the game and fight your way back to the land of the living in this new EggK47 Content!


1.Mouse Controls are fixed (no longer inverted)

2.Now collect 25 Eggs to pass each level (offers more balanced gameplay)

3.Chicken and Enemy Super Automatic Ragdoll Mode (more fun to watch everyone die now)

4.New Free Spooky Hollows Map (Its really spooky…scare your friends)

5.Zombies (Cause everyone loves some zombies)