New Download Link of Dec Build

Hi guys,
I was downloading the Dec build out of nowhere, internet service was lost. Can anyone guide me procedure to get new link or get link reactivated.

Thank you very much in advance, excited to start working on UE4.

You might be just out of luck, for the holidays… good luck Avinash :slight_smile:

Send an email to regarding your issue. We will be able to re-activate the link for you on Monday the 23rd.


Hey Avinash

Hope this helps. Same thing happened to me. All I did was…

go to your history Tab and find a link that looks like this blah (it would be mentioned no available) .

Click and your download will start. I downloaded the editor 4 times that day because of broken internet connections. And it works fine :slight_smile:

I used chrome by the way.

Please don’t add me to your black list Epic :smiley:

Reach out to Leslie.