New Dark Age - 2021 Gameplay

Hello, it has been a few years since I posted here about the project I am working on and despite complications the work has not stopped. I feel pleasured to be able to bring you a new 2021 gameplay from the vertical slice, which resembles the aimed look and feel of the game closely.

For more information about the project aswell as more contact information, please visit the new website I built for the game -

Thank you for your interest!



I came across this project in the “What Are You Working On” megathread… just wanted to say it’s looking really good. As a PlayDead game fan, this really scratches that itch (both the aesthetic, and the skill and attention to detail in the camera work, postprocessing, and sound design).

IMHO you should add some screenshots (like the ones on your site) to your first post, and possibly add some more posts in this thread with additional details as you progress… otherwise it’s easy to get passed over as people skim :wink:

Looking forward to playing this! Do you have a twitter account or mailing list to stay updated?