New Content Release To Be Announced w/ Nick Donaldson - July 21st - Live from Epic HQ

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Last week we had Nick Darnell on to announce the upcoming bug tracker, now this week Nick Donaldson is on to reveal even more content that Epic is sharing! What could it be? You’ll just have to tune in to find out! Plus, we’ll have news and fantastic projects from the community to spotlight.

EDIT: Zen Garden and all of its assets are now available for free on the Unreal Marketplace. Just look in the category Showcase Demos to download it now.

Thursday, July 21st @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
Nick Donaldson - Lead Designer

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Oh man. The anticipation!

anything less than the sparrow character being released is a let down. the recent content releases haven’t fazed me one bit.

SVOGI maybe? Paragon assets going open source? As Nick said…the anticipation…oohhh

my bet is on bullet train

More hair content examples!

…I thought I’d have a ton of stuff to shout about but turns out that’s it.

Ah… I know what this is… the entire codebase ported to P′′

P′′ is for casuals. If you are serious about programming you have to learn Malbolge.

No idea what could be but will be something cool for sure :slight_smile:

Indeed. Which illustrates the point of the port: a thinly veiled attempt to attract noobs to the engine.

How have I never heard of this!

please address this:

  • hype! can’t wait to see the big reveal :slight_smile:

Is it bad that I just started using UE4 a few weeks ago and have only seen like 1% of it but still excited to see new stuff.

Because its designed to be an S&M of programming languages, and you are not into that kinda stuff? :smiley:

Infinity Blade 2 and 3 assets, Zen Garden and Bullet Train are really the only things at this point that could be released. Maybe bunch of new templates too :slight_smile:

Probably nothing spectacular like Pargon character or real time GI, be realistic ;p.

I would be quite happy to know date of release Paragon n animation improvements to main line engine. Ik stuff and capsule animation prediction.

Remastered for UE4, UT3 content would be a nice release :wink:

Any news about volumetric lights (maybe some preview)?

Alright, that was beautiful Zen Garden demo (why demo?!) release. Pretty short stream though :confused:

I had a question asked there on stream, but Nick was not the right person to ask, so hopefully [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] can forward this question to whoever works on HISMCs and foliage.

Basically, it’s impossible to use foliage and HISMCs with static (baked) lighting and on mobile VR. When will that all be fixed ? (namely baked lighting support and ability to turn off dithered LOD transitions).