New clowd development system suggestions

Hi. I was thinking of a new cloud development system for game projects. Here is how could it work:

  1. The project leader controlls a development server. On that server, all the game data is uploaded/downloaded when need. Nothing new so far…
    Now…here is the new stuff…I will explain it trough the prism of Unreal Tournament, but it applies to any project:

  2. A level designer makes a map, a map made of cubes

  3. It selects one of the cubes, and attaches to it a special blueprint provided by plugin

  4. He thinks that the cube should be a house. The plugin allows him to open an asset window, a window with data about that asset.

  5. He fills text descriptions, uploads refference images, textures he finds useful…in a word he puts in that window all things that an asset creator needs to know to achieve his vision. Everything is uploaded to dev server.

  6. A 3D modeller clicks that block…opens the description window, downloads the support materials then creates the asset.( the asset window will also have tools to preview images…organized)

  7. The modeller uploads the finished asset, on the same oppened window.

  8. Other modellers upload their own versions of that asset.

  9. Another dev oppens that window, and he sees multiple assets. By clicking one of them, the block gets replaced by a version of that house, by clicking another, he sees other house model. Finally, he rates/comments on that model.

  10. The server leader/map creator selects the best asset based on rating etc, and that asset remains final.

  11. You get the final house placed in your level. Note that everything is uploaded to development server.

    What do you think?

I like the idea of hosting this as a service for studios in their own data center or in their own format. But I also think it should be hosted at a data center based on a subscription price much like the hero engine does.

But I would suggest a subscription or a yearly fee for this once and if it is implemented so it can pay the bills. Cloud development is very cool. I did it with the hero engine with friends. For fun.