New Blender 2.77 - Complete list of Blender to Unreal 4 improvements?

Hi everyone,

Is there a complete list of specifically Blender to Unreal 4 improvements with the
new version 2.77 of Blender published somewhere?

Thank you!!

What is the best way to stay updated on Blender to Unreal 4 improvements?

What kind of improvements are you looking for? Things should work fine as far as I know.

Release notes are here:

Yes thanks saw all the release notes I just thought Epic donated money to Blender foundation so that B>U flow can be improved.
For the most part it works great yes but I still have the problem of creating a physics asset from Blender imported skeleton.
Bones are too small.
I know the workarounds just wondering if they are working on this issue.
It would be nice to have a road map or some kinda list that shows progress on B>U issues only. :slight_smile:
Just my thoughts anyways :slight_smile:
Also what about materials / textures created inside Blender?
That doesn’t import into U4 you have to rebuild them.
Also node created / Cycles materials / textures in Blender doesn’t work in U4.
So … there are still lots of issues actually :slight_smile:

You should use metric scene units with 0.01 scale (and apply transforms again). It’s not really a workaround, you can save that as a default startup file if you’re using Blender with UE4. If you’ve got any other issues though you can report them on if you think you’ve found a bug.

For the textures they won’t work in UE4 because they use special Blender stuff (basically) but you can bake your materials to a texture using baking: and . However Blender doesn’t use PBR so you’ll have to use some additional nodes in UE4 anyway for the metallic values and so on so maybe it’s better to just use the material editor instead. I guess you could bake stuff like ambient occlusion though.

Yes thanks I have been doing everything right in Blender for Unreal since August last year and yes doing everything in Metric. Works fine for the most part. Did a baking test the other day in Cycles and yes that is great. I do prefer to just build the materials inside U4 though :slight_smile: Thanks for all the links.