New/Beginner - Tips/Help/Suggestions

Hi all,

I’m new to UE4 and Game Design but have always been very keen on the idea. I currently have a lot of knowledge of computers (my PC being customer built to handle gaming/designing)

I am also a very quick learner and have already grabbed at the basics of UE4 over just a few hours messing around on YouTube, tutorials etc.

Just wondering if anyone has got any tips for me? Making my own game?


Then directly start with a own game. :smiley: Create a small GDD and jump right into the fun -> you will have some problems over the time, but there are plenty of tutorials around + you can ask here in the forum or answerhub (we are always here to help)

A good source of information is this site:


Thanks for the advice and videos!

I’m looking at creatin my own RPG - character invent/trading systems… Open world sort of game?

Any ideas?