New Archviz Interior Rendering sample project

Hi i had been playing with the project from the Learn Tab, and i can see it uses rectlights to fake illumination coming from the windows, how can i get the light coming from the sky, basically what i want is to rotate the sun and get the illumination accordingly to the sun position. btw: the scene works on a gtx 1060 6gb on a hp omen notebook, amazing and yes is slow, still pretty spectacular, job well done unreal development team.

I think i solved myself, just drop in a Sun Sky actor and turn everything else off, everything is over exposed, but i think i now how to fix it…
Edit: i could not make it work, coming from vray/corona, i think the problem is that is very for the skylight to light the interior it will require way too many bounces, in vray/corona they solve this problem by implementing skylight portals on windows, same as using rectlights but using the color that comes from the sky the skylight tells the engine where to focus the calculation i wonder if this is posible here as well…

Hey, guys.
Developed light studio setup for Unreal Engine 4.24
Link project: