New and getting ahead of myself

Hello everyone. I am currently at the end of my 3rd day of following a YT tutorial and im excited about it coming together. Am i getting too ahead of myself for wanting to ‘publish’ what ive done so far to somewhere my friend/myself can ‘download’ / and try doing ‘updates’ for it? In terms of what ive currently got, basically nothing. (working on a inventory system first, with currently a single object that can be picked up and dropped) Just got the urge to upload it somewhere (private/to those i want) just for testing purposes.

It is good practice to make a build and test everything once you get a mechanic in a solid state. Its great you have friends willing to test your builds as constant feedback can prevent little problems from snowballing into much larger ones.

Here is a guide on how to build your project. Now is a good time to be on the lookout for any build errors and correct them.

Best of luck with your product and I hope your builds are error free!

Packaging Projects