(new) 3rd person default anims for blender (no droopy arm)

i decided to take some of the work out of working with the maya rig in blender… you’ll have to forgive my model but he was only 3000 verts to manny’s 42,000, and i wanted to make it as streamlined as i could… but the droopy arm is fixed and the ik bones no longer get in the way… (direct link) 2mb zip…

here is the readme:

prepare model

  1. open the pose figure
  2. fit your model around mine, keeping in mind that my model was a bit skinnier than the original (you’ll see the stretch marks)
  3. delete my model
  4. parent your model to the armature (ctrl P) with automatic weights

add animations

  1. from main menu go ‘file>append’
  2. go to the blender animation you want and select, go to the ‘action’ folder and select anim
  3. in ‘dope sheet > action editor’ of blender select the anim’… and you’re done…

FBX export

for the first export you need the mesh too… then you just need the anim

  1. file>export>FBX

  2. in ‘main’ check selected objects (make sure you selected them) and pick mesh (first time) ‘and’ anim

  3. in ‘geometries’ binary 7.4… smoothing dropdown pick ‘face’

  4. in ‘armatures’ ‘uncheck’ add leaf bones…

  5. in ‘animation’ just leave them all checked… and export

  6. maya and blender do not get along… you can add a couple of bones to the end of a string of bones, but never to the middle

  7. NEVER NEVER EVER edit the bones in edit mode (except as stated above), it will corrupt the mesh for all the other animations… not even just to straighten them out

  8. while in ‘pose mode’ you can tweak the animations to your hearts content… cheers

keep pushing forward…

Some videos of the animations would really help, but thanks for the great share (even tho i dont have time ot test it right now, i will always appreciate guys like you that post free stuff on the forums :D)

no problem…

one thing to mention if you do test, make sure that when you add your mesh see that it fits directly over the top of the armature… it will save you a lot of time down the road… another is that the automatic weights don’t do a professional job and it is best to redo the vertices groups using what was given in the auto weights, then tweaking them… you can always re-scale your mesh when you bring it into UE4

you can fix the droopy arm with an NLA track, and if you zero out the fingers (NLA) that will save you time tweaking the monster hands that the armature gives you… then it’s just bing bang boom…

perhaps someday UE4 will supply a new mannequin where they zero out the bones in a reference pose before they ship it… til then…

it takes a bit of time like everything, but when you get the walk, run, etc, anims in… you’ll find it was well worth the time…

yes… videos are a lot of help, perhaps after my next project is done…