Networkreplication for events: Cast to multicast runs on the server, only?

Dear community,

Iam trying to implement my weapon functionallity for a first person multiplayer shooter.

It is starting in the “BaseCharacter” Blueprint. The “LeftMouse” Button executes an event (runs on server) in the same blueprint, wich is checking the posibillity of fireing.
Than it is casting to the “BaseWeapon” Blueprint for a event (multicast), that should spawn all muzzleflashes, soundeffects etc…

But this multicast gets executed only on the server?? Alle characters are showing the effects on the listenServer machine, only.

Isnt it possible to “scope” down with a multicast?
Do i need to create a multicast event in the “BaseCharacter” BP, that is than casting to a normal event in the “baseWeapon” BP to get the effects running?

Is actor(weapon) replicated?
Show BP

Doh :smiley:

searched for that for hours. But at least… i learned alot about replication… and will never make this misstake again :wink:

Thank you very much!